Our Services

Kawar Canada, while a new organization, has decades of experience and knowledge across all segments of the transport and logistics chain. Whether it is maritime shipping, railroad or aviation, we understand the pros, cons, challenges, benefits and logistics surrounding the movement of goods across borders.

Beyond logistics, our team at Kawar Canada also has recognized experience in corporate project development and management for those corporations looking to expand. This unique combination enables us to look at the big picture yet still have the ability to identify particular challenges and solve particular problems for our clients of all sizes.

Here’s how our team of trade professionals can support your company:

  • Conduct a logistic chain management audit to identify pain points and areas for improvement
  • Conduct a Logistics Chain Gap Analysis to identify areas for efficiency improvements
  • Research Market Analysis to identify potential new markets and expansion opportunities
  • Execute the transaction for a newly privatized function from government to private operating model
  • Consult on individual challenging projects from efficiency management to full-on execution
  • Create comprehensive logistics training courses to ensure your team is engaged and knowledgeable

Services Offered

Transport and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Opening borders can be overwhelming and when your growth is dependent upon its success, you’ll want a team who can confidently identify opportunities for a seamless transition to a global marketplace.

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Corporate Project Development

Corporate Project Development

We provide industry-leading consulting services for all your international growth initiatives. Working across multiple verticals, Kawar Canada brings a high-level of expertise, delivering success to your next project.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Sometimes when you’re too close to a project you can’t see the big picture. That’s where we thrive. Bring us in on your next initiative and allow us to show you how to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.

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Message from the CEO

“International Trade is at an interesting juncture and understanding the opportunities available to your business are absolutely key to your growth. With decades of experience and the power of Kawar Group behind us, our team is poised to deliver strategic initiatives built to open up business and physical borders.” – Amin

Our Commitment: The Kawar Way

The Kawar Way is rooted in core values of excellence, loyalty, integrity and teamwork.

We promise to deliver professional and customized counsel based on decades of international omized to deliver strategies based on your unique needs. We understand that each company will have a different approach to International Trade and will never provide anything less than a fully-customized approach that has been created based on best opportunities for your success.

Our team will be involved at every stage and will be available for consulting you feel confident in proceeding alone.